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Get Paid To Drive Your Car

You can get paid to drive your car with an advertisement on it. This is a revolution in advertising. Companies will pay you good money to drive your car with an ad on the side, back, front, or hood. This is a really effective way of advertising for companies and they are willing to pay decent money to get people to do it.

The number of people participating in get paid to drive programs is steadily increasing. There are hundreds of different packages and prices. The smaller the ad on your car the less you get paid. For large ads you get paid around $6000 a year to drive with it on your car. For smaller ads you can expect to make around $1000 a year.

You might be limited in choices due to where you live. The company has to be able to have to be able to investigate if they gain suspicion you are not driving with the ad.

The ads look like big stickers, that’s basically what they are. Ads are not limited to window decals. They are easy to peel off and do not damage your car. You must be atleast 18 years of age to qualify for one of these programs. You will need to drive around 1000 miles a month to better your chances of qualifying.

According to what available and whats in demand, it is uncertain whether you will be able to choose the type of ad that is placed on your car.

The first step towards getting paid to drive is to sign up and get started. I have provided companies in the united states, Canada, and the uk


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